American Robins Ice Fishing in Minneapolis

American Robin catching fish
American Robin ice fishing for minnows

Here’s something you don’t see every day (or at least I don’t): American Robins ice fishing for minnows.

There’s a flock of dozens of Robins that stay the whole winter in this park.

They work together to chip a hole in the ice of a small pond in a marshy area, then take turns heading down to the hole to pull out the fish.

One fish after another, over and over again.

I’ve been observing this behavior at the exact same location, in the same park just south of Minneapolis for at least the past three years.

Thankfully, I finally brought my camera along to capture the feast.

American Robin Catching Fish
Down the Hatch!

Other birds and wildlife also use the spot for drinking water, which helps to keep the hole open.

But I haven’t seen any other birds, such as Cedar Waxwings or Black-Capped Chickadees eat any fish.

Have you ever witnessed American Robins ice fishing? It’s pretty fun to watch!