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To see what’s currently for sale and to purchase, enter the gallery here. The offerings will be updated from time to time to keep things fresh, so stop back often! I will also remove images occasionally to avoid clutter, so if there’s something you like – get it while you can!


Bald Eagle

Meet a few North Woods locals.


Maple on Driftwood

More flora than fauna, though butterflies and other insects are here. Some macro, too.


Upper Temperance River

See the great North Woods through my eyes. Home, Sweet Home.


Abstract Yellow Neon Flowers

More of the above, but with a twist. Sometimes literally.


Gold Medal Guthrie Texture

Mostly of the Twin Cities since that’s where I live.


Doorway To Heaven

Sometimes I blend more than one image together to make a more interesting composition.

Trail Running

Ultramarathon Trail Runner, Superior 100, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, starry sky

I shoot an occasional trail race, sometimes at all hours of the night.


Lake Superior Shoreline Texture
Lake Superior Shoreline Texture

Textures have their own online galleries and are only available as digital downloads. They are full resolution jpg files at 300 dpi and have already been adjusted to 50% gray in Photoshop. They are not to be used as stand alone images, but rather as overlays to enhance other images. They are dirt cheap, unique to the North Woods, and can be used for personal or commercial purposes.

Trail Races

Trail Races have their own online gallery where you can purchase any of our prints, canvases, metals, and high resolution digital downloads. Current members of the Upper Midwest Trail Races club get a special 20% discount! Get the details here.