Topaz Photo AI Photo Processing Software Review

Looking for an all-in-one photo processing software that automatically eliminates noise, sharpens images, and can upscale the size of your photos?

Meet Topaz Photo AI.

Topaz Photo AI is basically DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI all rolled into one program. So, what does that mean?

Topaz DeNoise AI is one of my most frequently used pieces of software for photo editing. Since I shoot lots of wildlife images at fast shutter speeds, that frequently means high ISO and lots of noise. Many animals are most active at dawn and dusk, so low light adds to the noise problem. This software has evolved from it’s early days and I rarely have any problems with artifacts when reducing noise. It has models specifically for low light and severe noise, but my “go to” is what was once known as AI Clear. Clear does a great job of reducing noise while also giving some natural looking sharpening. I absolutely LOVE this piece of software!

Topaz Sharpen AI won’t save a crappy photo, but it can rescue some images from motion blur or soft focus. It has AI models to correct for motion blur, out of focus, and shake reduction. It can work wonders for some images and have noticeable artifacts in others. If you find yourself needing this software on a frequent basis, you’d probably be better off improving your photography skills instead of trying to salvage a bad photo after the fact.

Topaz Gigapixel AI improves resolution by upsizing your images. Since many wildlife images end up being heavily cropped, this can be helpful if you’ve got something you want to print – especially larger sizes. I find it hit or miss, especially when it comes to fine details like seeing individual feathers on a bird. They can end up looking “artifacty” and muddled in some cases. Topaz claims it can enhance resolution by up to 600%, but that has not been my experience with most of the stuff I shoot.

So, what does Topaz Photo AI do that these programs don’t?

Nothing. In fact, I feel like I have much more control using the individual programs and don’t really use Photo AI.

But, Topaz has made it clear that Photo AI is going to be their flagship software going forward, so I suspect they will probably stop updating and supporting the individual programs in the not too distant future. That’s just my opinion.

As usual, you can download them all for a free 30-day trial and see what you think on the types of images you shoot.

Happy editing!